Coming Soon – Accessible Digital Communication Channel for Deaf – Hard of Hearing – Sight Loss Individuals

By way of introduction to emerging IOT (internet of things) technology as part of SmartCity infrastructure, I have identified a revolutionary new means of digital communication for (but not exclusive to) the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, that will be truly life changing. I welcome any questions about what I am doing and also welcome any constructive input from people who would like to see certain things included within the project.

AR High Street
Augmented Reality Street view

A brand new Digital Communications channel for Deaf, Hard of Hearing individuals & Sight Loss community (circa 360 million worldwide and circa 11 million in the UK) comprising of a network of Smart Beacons and a Lifestyle Community Mobile App empowering people with confidence, independence and a sense of inclusion in society.

This Lifestyle & Community App is going to be truly AMAZING with some really cool features, including Augmented Reality and audio to text actions!

Notification - level crossing
Emergency Notifications

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